Cubase crashig when SKI is activated

I’ve been having some connections issues with the ic Pro remote for some time. Yesterday I looked into it and it turned out to be a firewall related problem (ie, the app doesn’t get through my Avast firewall). While trying to find a solution, something else very strange happened: Cubase stoppped working (that is: it almost booted as normal, but then got stuck on the Steinberg Hub page).
After numerous attempts t recover functionality, I realised today that unistalling the SKI addition made Cubase work again. If I reactivate SKI in Cubase, the entire program freezes.
Worth mentioning is that all worked perfectly until I tried to solve the firewall issue.

Windows 10, Cubase 9.5, Ski 1.0.8

Bee fiddeling a bit more with the firewall settings, and the fw still seems to be the issue :frowning:
Is there anyone out ther who PLEASE could tell me how to let Cubas/SKI get pass the Avast firewall? I’ve tried every way I know (adding the application to the exception list etc) to make this work, but still no luck…

What the heck is the Avast firewall? Is this a Pirate firewall? Are you Mac or PC?