Cubase Crashing a lot

Im having issues with all my maual saves on my currnet project appear to have never been saved other thanb the initial project folder creation, lost 8 hours of hard work and happy accidents. Not impressed… im sooooo blooody close to moving to Ableton 10! Before 10.5 about 6 weeks ago I was running Ableton 7. Never a single crash I can remember and all plugins were compatable. Ive had nothing but issues so far with cubase. My mates gave me shit for converting from Ableton but a bunch of my favourite DnB produicers are using cubase and I love so many thing about it…but the crashes and bugs are not worth it at this point, finding it hard to defend the cubase squad! If the bugs were all fixed it would without a doubt be the best by far but so many hours get wasted re-doing shit ive already adone due to either a crash that didnt fully recover or it just doesn’t save at all as mentioned. Really frustrating when your on and everything falling together so naturally. A perfect session where accidents are paying didvidends and giving you new ideas etc… then theres a slight lag opening a plug in and it gives you that cubase chill…Your were in the zone and so saving the project wasnt on your mind. But its ok…I save then save as a new file too…keep writing for another 25 mins and then it shits the bed. When i try recover all saves cant be found other than the projsect folder i created and the folders cubase creates within it during the session (which are all are empty)

Please Help!

Its been a pretty penny to pay for so much bloody hair loss…show me the light please!