Cubase crashing / Blue Screen Of Death?

Hi there,

I’m running the following system:

Windows 10 64bit Pro
socket 2011-3 Mobo
Intel 6800K proc (12 cores)
2 GB Videocard
500 GB SSD System
1 TB Samples
4 TB Data


CubasePro 8.5 as well CubasePro 9.5 with plugs from NI, Spectrasonics, Arturia, Toontrack, XLN Audio as well Genuine Soundware (VB3) and OPX PRO.

I’m getting blue screen of death. Sometimes non stop, sometimes it runs days OK. I’ve deleted all from Genuine Soundware and the OPX Pro, but the problem continues.

What can this be? Can a DLL of a software plug cause this?

Re-installing Cubase again? Re-installing Windows again?



Driver Issue?

Like Split said, it’s sounds like a driver issue? It could also be an issue with your memory? Run memtest86 ( Did you install the latest chipset drivers of your mother board? Check your windows event logs to see if it gives you information about these errors?