Cubase crashing corrupts preference files


I thought those kind of things were going to be solved in C9, but it’s not. When C9 crashes/freezes abruptly, it can happen that it is corrupting some of the xml preference files (in Cubase 9_64 folder). This just happened lately due to an old plugin, and when re-opening C9, I lost several edited preferences, and weird behaviors happened (like loading a plugin as an insert, not opening automatically the plugin anymore).

Luckily, I’m used to save this preference folder, so I just replaced it from the saved one and everything came back to normal. But that is still a drag that we have to be paranoid and thinking about saving those preferences along the way.

So please, Steinberg, how can that is still possible? Would it be hard to have some kind of protection, so that when C9 crashes, it doesn’t corrupt our preferences?