Cubase crashing during audio playback.

Hello all,

Sorry that my first post here is a bit of a bummer but after some scouring the internet and didn’t know where else to turn!

So, I’m having a bit of an issue with Cubase. Much of the work I do in Cubase is midi with samples. Lots of orchestra and percussion stuff. I have a big beefy computer that handles all of this just fine; 2600K i7 processor, 16GB RAM, multiple solid state drives for fast streaming & the OS is Windows 7… but when I want to start using audio things go bad… but only in the specific way described below.

Let’s say I’m working in a session, decide I want to bring in a shaker loop, I drag it in from the media bay and start chopping it up, manipulating the loop until I’m happy with how it fits into the piece yadda yadda. Everything’s okay, I can keep playing back the session until my heart’s content and no issues.

Now, let’s say I close down the session and reopen it… as soon as Cubase gets to the audio region during playback it will stutter briefly - and then crash.

This also only seems to happen when the audio regions have been chopped up and rearranged. A previous work around I had for this was to highlight the chopped up regions and go to Audio -> Bounce Selection, to consolidate them…

…Which brings me to my second issue. Audio -> Bounce Selection does not work for me anymore. I get an error message saying “There was an error during bounce! The function had to be cancelled!”

Strange thing is I am getting the problem even after a clean installation of Windows 7 due to switching over everything to SSDs…

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:


Can you describe your audio settings, please? What sound card do you use? Driver?

Of course.

I’m using an RME HDSPe AIO, I’m using the ASIO Hammerfall DSP driver provided by RME, and a buffer size of 512. I’m also in 48 kHz at 32 Bit float point.

This sound card, and driver is perfect.

What about the file format? Is this WAV? What about sample rate/bit rate? And what about settings of your Project Setup?

Sorry, no more idea, now.

Could you try some audio from an external HD rather than SSDs.

Sorry for the delayed reply… went on a weekend trip!

The audio I import is wav. Originally at 41kHz - 16 bit, into the project which is at 48kHz, 32 bit… I don’t think that’s the problem though, as the crash still happens when I import the audio into a project of the same sample/bit rate. And yep, even if the audio is streaming from a separate HDD I get the crash… :frowning: very weird.

Any idea why I can’t do Audio > Bounce Selection, though? It’s weird that this function always give me an error…

If you go to Project Setup, what kind of files do you use in the background? Is that wave also?

If it’s FLAC, try to change it to wave on a new project and see if it happens again.