Cubase crashing on closing

If I close Cubase 10 for some projects, it crashes without creating a crash log, it just vanishes after a short time.
It doesn’t matter if i use the x or go to the drop-down menu (Datei -> Schließen)
It seem to be related with a plugin BFD2 (V2.3.1.6) which is used in these projects. If I freeze this Instrument or unload it before exiting, there is no crash.
However, I could not reproduce it with a fresh project and BFD2 loaded.
I know that this plugin is a bit older, but there was never a problem with Cubase 8.5 or 9.5.

Hi and welcome,

You should inform the plug-in vendor. It seems the plug-in is not compatible with the latest Cubase version.

I have had this issue intermittently with both 9.5 and 10. Save project, select quit Cubase. Windows 7 throws a warning window saying that Cubase stopped responding and eventually asks to terminate program. Weird. It had stopped happening on 9.5 after last update, but it started on both again after update to 10. ???