Cubase crashing on exit, for many many years for me now

This goes as far back as I can remember, maybe even to Cubase 6 or 7. But whenever I finish a session, I hit quit, the project closes, and then a few seconds after the project closes, the application hangs and needs to be CTRL+ALT+DEL to open a new instance of Cubase. This issue has followed me across multiple new computers, reformats, reinstalls etc.

Annoyingly on crashing out, Cubase forgets any updated preferences made in the previous session. Not the biggest dealbreaker but certainly not ideal for a professional who relies on his tools.

All my plugins are legit and up to date. I have no idea what is causing it. I’d be eternally grateful to anybody who could potentially shed some light on this for me. I know I’m not alone with Cubase crashing on exit but it must be attributable to something.

Please send me the raw DMP file via PM. Ideally directly as I like to avoid dealing with dropbox or drive links.

Thanks Armand, I’ve just seen it clocks in at 266MB, is that unusual for a DMP file?

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Oh that’s quite big indeed. Ok then do you mind using wetransfer instead?

I’ve managed to work out the culprit. The crash is associated with the E-licenser. More accurately I believe it is connected to my Vengeance plugins which use the E-licenser for their protection method.

I took several projects which all crash on exit, removed all of the Vengeance plugins, and managed to get it to quit every time without crashing.

The only problem is that I rely heavily on Vengeance plugins. I hear they may soon be moving to a non E-licenser method though, so fingers crossed this will fix my issues.

Vengeance already has non-elicenser builds available (I use this version for the multiband sidechain). So get in touch with the support, maybe there is already one for your plugin without eLicenser.

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Had this issue here as well but it got significantly better with Cubase 13. Unloading the project works everytime but at some rare times the hub freezes or it crashes completely after closing a project.
What helped quite well was deleting the “crashpad-handler.exe” from google (in my case ist was installed with google drive) from my computer. I figured that it was inserting itself as a sub-process into Cubase (saw it in the taskmanager) and that helped to reduce the freezes a lot.

My issue for non e-licenser Vengeance, is that it requires me to have my original activation keys for my purchases. I bought some of these plugins over a decade ago, and unfortunately have lost all historic emails in my inbox for the address I used to purchase them. At the time, I hadn’t thought to keep the keys anywhere as I had them activated through eLicenser. Am hoping their support can help but have been waiting now over a week for a reply.