Cubase crashing on project load

This is occurring with all three of the projects I have moved from 7 to version 8.

The projects were absolutely fine when working on them but when trying to open the projects again they crash Cubase every time.

I can get the projects to load by removing a lot of plugins but there doesn’t seem to be one plugin at fault, rather that with fewer plugins in general the project opens. And this is when switching to 32-bit mode, 64 bit mode is unusable for these projects.

The projects open fine in Cubase 7 but I have used the new cubase plugins and taken advantage of the better performance so can’t actually work on them in 7.

I contacted support and sent the crash report over 2 weeks ago and have had no reply.

It’s very disheartening to have such an unstable product getting in the way of productivity.

do your projects crash on the mix console? that’s what happens to mine, it happens 9/10 times. by crashing I mean it actually freezes and the only way to close the program is through the windows task manager.

After I installed 8(and installed the new updates for Steinberg default plugins), my 7 and 7.5 got corrupted too. they would crash on opening projects as well. sometimes even on Steinberg default project templates, Cubase will crash when trying to open the project. I uninstalled 7 and 7.5 and 8, then just installed 8. still the same problems after re-install.

on the 1/10 chance the project does open, its sluggish, freezes etc. and be in mind my pc has some very fast hardware.
I wish I never upgraded from 7 .5 to 8, everything was working perfect.