Cubase crashing on start up


Every third, fourth of fifth time I open Cubase, the program crashes. Sometimes it just shuts down completely - all windows disappearing - other times it opens up into the Hub, but no links in there are clickable, so instead I have to enter the Task Manager (in Windows 11) to shut the program down. When I then try opening Cubase again, I usually get one of the two following messages:


And after that, the program opens with no problems.

Judging by the messages, the issue could be related to 3rd party plugins, so I have checked the plugin manager, but there are no blocked plugins.

Any ideas how I might remedy this? It’s not a huge problem, and I have experienced zero crashes during actual usage of Cubase, but it does get a little annoying - and apart from that I’m also trying to gauge whether Cubase might generally be crash prone on my system once I start using third party plugins (I’ve only used Cubase for a couple of months; started on AI, then upgraded to Elements and am now considering upgrading to Artist).

In your first screenshot is a path and name of a dump file, can you please upload that here?

Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I found the dump file folder which contains 40 files of varying sizes, all of them DMP files. Should I just upload the latest one? And does this forum have some sort of mechanism for actually viewing the file? Because as far as I understand I need to install something like “Debugging Tools for Windows” in order to view it.

As for reinstalling I haven’t tried that. But I have upgraded from AI to Elements. Wouldn’t the installer have fixed any issues during that process? (The crashes have been happening both while I was on AI and after I switched to Elements).

Since C12, it often happens that Cubase simply shutdown and disappear at startup…

Just upload two or three of the latest files.

No, because they contain all kinds of debugging data and that is stuff you need to know how to interpret it.

Yes, it is called WinDbg and available in the Microsoft Store. But again, it shows you lots of debugging data and you need to get used to that.

You can try it, but also upload some files.

Ok, so it sounds like I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. As long as the program doesn’t start crashing during actual use it probably won’t be a huge problem for me.

Anyway, I’m uploading my latest dmp-file. Among my 40 or so dmp-files there’s a handful named “freezedump”. Sounds like that refers to a certain kind of crash, so I’m uploading one of those too.
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.18 (675.6 KB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.13 (741.1 KB)

One dump is from a Windows Runtime library ucrtbase.dll, that is called by the Windows Audio driver wdmaud.drv and then crashes.

The second crash is directly from the audio driver, so a wild guess to get around this is to switch to the WinRT MIDI setting in Cubase. Go to Studio-Studio Setup and select the checkbox for WinRT

However, as I said this is just guessing. In the worst case it might help to do a reinstall of Cubase itself.

The file “ucrtbase.dll” is causing the trouble in the attached dump file like JuergenP said.

I would install the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes since that file is depending on some files from the Visual C++.

Here is a link so you can download All in One package of these files. Read the instructions to install.

Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One

Thanks guys. I’ll give your solutions a try tonight, starting with JuergenP’s WinRT-suggestion.

As for installing Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes, it almost seems like that would be a good idea in any case. What I don’t understand is why it hasn’t already been installed as part of my Windows installation/updates. Is the point that my computer may only have the latest version of the “software”, whereas Cubase partly relies on some of the older versions bundled in the link from TechPowerUp? In any case, “ucrtbase.dll” is mentioned in most of my crash messages so if that is related to Visual C++ it definitely seems like a good thing to try - as long as it doesn’t create new problems in my system.