Cubase crashing on startup

Recently my Cubase 11 Pro started crashing when loading plugins. When the application is starting I can see that the wrong VST 2.x plugins are being initialized (not actual VST plugins), for example, it starts to load something from my VPN application, antivirus or my other DAW application. As it starts doing that, it crashes. The only way to start Cubase is in safe mode without any third party plugins. This all started happening after I attempted to install my VST instrument. Reinstalling the app didn’t resolve the issue.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

I would recommend to start Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode and Disable preferences. If this works, I would recommend to delete the preferences after.

It seems, you set Cubase to scan some system folder(s) for the VST2 files. Unfortunately VST2 was *.dll extension, so Cubase is scanning lots of DLL libraries then.

Hi! Same here with Cubase Pro 11 on a Macbook Pro Late 2017 with Big Sur. I’m having crashes on startup all the time. Every Day due to another third party Plug In - or sometimes Cubase itself. Here is a crash file from today. Any idea?

Edit: Deactivating Cubase Preferences same thing.

Cubase 11_2021-12-07-095728_MacBook-Pro-von-Christoph.crash (156.6 KB)


Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163658cc8 0x16352f000 + 1219784
1   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000164519695 0x16352f000 + 16688789
2   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163544f14 0x16352f000 + 89876
3   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163544c88 0x16352f000 + 89224
4   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163544f14 0x16352f000 + 89876
5   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163544c88 0x16352f000 + 89224
6   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000164087016 0x16352f000 + 11894806
7   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x000000016396fc93 0x16352f000 + 4459667
8   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x000000016377f1c5 0x16352f000 + 2425285
9   com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163ccf374 0x16352f000 + 7996276
10  com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163ccfde3 0x16352f000 + 7998947
11  com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163ccef46 0x16352f000 + 7995206
12  com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163cdab3b 0x16352f000 + 8043323
13  com.izotope.audioplugins.Ozone9ELE	0x0000000163cdb90a 0x16352f000 + 8046858
14  com.izotope.audioplugins.VST.OZONE9ELE	0x000000016345e6fc 0x163453000 + 46844
15  com.izotope.audioplugins.VST.OZONE9ELE	0x00000001634836fa 0x163453000 + 198394

This is clearly iZotope Ozone 9 crash.

Hi Martin,
thank you for your replay.
As I mentioned: Everyday another Plug In - and Sometimes Cubase itself. Here’s another one.
Cubase 11_2021-12-03-103205_MacBook-Pro-von-Christoph.crash (161.2 KB)


In this one, there is an issue with the USB-eLicenser. How old is your USB-eLicneser? Do you have USB3 ports or any kind of hub?

Hi, my USB-Licenser is from 2019. I do use an USB-C Hub for all USB Connections. At home I plug the Licenser in an active USB-Hub, which is connected to the USB-C Hub then.


Make sure, you have the latest eLCC installed, please.