Cubase crashing when browsing for anything

Anyone having this issue and, if so, know a solution?
When either browsing for anything, from within Cubase 9.5 (sound samples, project files, device maps etc) Cubase crashes.
Its the kind of crash that freezes the screen and renders all buttons useless. The only way to shut it down is Cont+alt+delete and End.

I don’t even get to create anything. It crashes when I am browsing for a midi loop or saving the project right at the beginning.
It seems that anything associated with Browser activity crashes the program.

Steinberg support appears to be so bogged down with requests, it may be a while before I hear from them. It’s already been a week since my last attempt.


I was told to post the steps to recreate crash;

If I open Cubase and use the Cubase HISTORY to open a project, the project will open.
Since the recent update to 9.5, this is the only way I can open a project.
I can click SAVE and the project will save, however SAVE AS or OPEN OTHER and using any WINDOWS BROWSER will cause a crash.
Click OPEN OTHER from the main Cubase panel and a Windows browser appears. I can go back and forth trough the drive and any folder, but the second I click on any file the program will freeze.

Additionally, any use of the Windows Browser while inside a new project (IE: Browsing for midi or wav loops) will cause the program to crash/freeze.

In all cases , the only way out of the freeze is to Cont+Alt=Delete and END.

For me this is not a random event. It happens every single time making the program, unfortunately, useless.

Did you found a fix or got any feedback from Steinberg??
I have the same issue, when I want to go to Right zone > Media > Loops and Samples, Cubase suddenly shutdown…