Cubase crashing while loading project (Mac)

I apologize in advance if I’m not posting correctly. I read the guidelines, and think that posting the crash report should meet them all. If not, please let me know what I should add.

Just for context, I think I should say up front that I’ve had a pretty consistent history of crashes since moving to 8 from 7.5. 7.5 was crashing while saving a project or closing the program–especially after a bounce–so I upgraded to 8 in hopes that it would solve the issue. Now, I’ve gotten quite used to having the program crash at any moment, but specifically upon the aforementioned saving and closing.

This issue, however, is new. The program crashes while loading this project, and I don’t know why. I can’t tell if it’s related to plugin or not and I’m hoping someone would be able to tell by looking at the report. I will add that the project will load in 32-bit, but all 64-bit plugins are now missing.

The crash report exceeds the character limit on posts here, and there’s no way to attach a text file or PDF, so I’ve hosted the file on my dropbox here:

Hello, thank you for posting this problem.
I also have gone from Cubase 7 to 7,5 and Pro 8 with all updates and I experience so many crashes it is not funny.
I am also on Imac OSX Yosemite and I just can’t find any intelligible answers from anybody on this issue. (reported by Microsoft users as well) So it is not a Mac issu, nor a Windows issue it has to be a Cubase Pro 8 issue.
I tyried sending the report crash files, but Steinberg people seems to not understand what they are?

My Pro 8 crashes when I try to load projects that I created with Pro 8 and with the use of Pro 8 components and it crashes all the time for no understandable reason…

I wish you a good amount of luck because I tend to believe that you may never get a clear answer from the Steinberg team on such a big issue. People leaving posts on the forum are mostly left in the dark, with no answers… What’s annoying me the most is they send me emails all the time to try to sell me all kind of stuff, but where are they to solve big issues like crashes for no reason. I tried to load many crashed files in Pro 8 by using my Cubase 7 program, and everything goes well even if it was created with Cubase pro 8… Weird isn’t it?