Cubase crashing with Steinberg UR 242

Hi everybody,

I am using an UR 242 with Cubase Elements 12 and using them together constantly causes crashes, especially everytime when I turn off the UR 242. But also in between, even when recording. Sometimes a message is popping up like the one attached here, sometimes it freezes and sometimes it just instantly disappears.

It doesn’t matter if the project is busy or completely empty.
The UR 242 is plugged directly into a USB socket on the computer (not via hub)

What I have tried so far:
updating the Yamaha USB driver (its 2.1.5 now)
deactivating all plugins and user settings at startup
removing all other USB devices from the computer
using a different USB cable
using a different USB socket on the computer

I am thankful for any idea what else to try.

My Setup:
Cubase Elemtents 12
Yamaha USB driver 2.1.5
Steinberg UR 242

Windows 11 Home
Intel core i5 - 12400
Nvidia GTX 1650
RAM: 16 Gb
HDD: 205 Gb free space

Here is a screenshot of the message, which I get sometimes and a few dump files. There are many more dump files, which I can send if that is of any help.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.28 (918.9 KB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.28 (1.2 MB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.28 (1.2 MB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.28 (928.8 KB)

Hi robbi28,

The dmp file seems to point to the Cubase exe file.

You seem to have done all possible trouble shooting already, so my advice is to contact support.
Include a system info file as well as the dmp file.
Be patient, experience learned it can take more than a week before getting response.

To open a ticket I recommend to go via your Steinberg account (You know, My Steinberg etc )

Hi Fantom,

After your response I tried reinstalling Cubase, but it didn’t change anything either.
So I followed your recommendation and opened a support request.
Thank you very much for your help!

Hi robbi28,

You said you updated the driver to 2.1.5

I have recently installed this >> after completely uninstalling the previous and re-booting before doing the new install - and so far it is working really well for me.

Hi Pa4X_user,

Thank you for your answer, I finally found the time to do a complete clean reinstall of the Yamaha driver and also disconnected all other usb plugs from my computer, this time.
It really fixed the problem and everything works beautifully now.