Cubase Crashing With UVI Workstation

Created a project in Cubase with three instances of UVI Workstation. Saved the file. Upon re-opening the file, as soon as I attempt to play it, Cubase crashes. I’ve recreated the problem by creating new projects and attempting to run 3 instances of UVI Workstation, ran into the same issue. Tried again with three instances of several other VST instruments, no longer a problem. Any assistance is appreciated.

I’m running Windows 8.1 64bit, Cubase 7.0.7 64bit and UVI Workstation 2.5.4 64bit. I would include a crashdump file from Cubase, but down’t know how to open them. Thanks again.

I have sort of the same problem, only my project crashes when loading it.
When first loading UVI (Soloists of Prague from Virharmonic) it works fine. After save and re-opening my project it crashes every time. Solution is to open the project as not active, remove the instance, then activate the project.
Due to that I do not use this choire in my projects any more, until it is solved…

Other instuments with UVI engine works fine (FX package, Percussion etc from UVI).

2022 AND UVI Workstation still dont work in Cubase :laughing: