Cubase Crashing

I’m having issues with Cubase crashing. If I am in session and recording or mixing typically everything works as expected. Pretty much 100% of the time IF I leave Cubase open overnight (don’t quit the application) it will crash the next morning. My project will play 2 or 3 bars then it stops and becomes unresponsive. Obviously I can simply quit Cubase after my session which is one solution, but it should not crash. Any ideas?


Is the computer hibernating over the night? Or any Energy Save mode?

Hi - No, I don’t let it go to sleep primarily because I use Universal Audio hardware which definitely does not like sleep mode.


Cubase doesn’t like sleep/hibernation mode neither.

Could you attach the *.crash dump file, please?

Actually, isn’t UAD hardware faulty even in this case? Just for my interest, why you don’t quit Cubase?