Cubase Crashing.

Hi there I was wondering if any one can help me please.

Problem: Cubase 7.5 takes about 20 seconds to save and some times crashes when saving.
-8 tracks Of VST,
-Project saved on a SSD
-VST’s are on a SSHD, 7200 and chashed
-there are not many programs on this PC about 30 In total.

System specs:
=i7 4770k, Watercooled
=16gb RAM
=2 SSD’s
=3 SSHD’s
=GTX 770, to run screens will be getting a quadro for this machine(if that makes a difference?).

If you need to know more please ask, But It is really annoying Cubase keeps crashing, I lost a lot of my work, and If it keeps happening I might have to change DAW’s.

Thanks Again.