Cubase creates 0 bytes Audio files for each recorded Audio tracks, in addition to the Audio file itself

I’m sorry if that sounds like a stupid question but here is something that I have noticed when trying to record Audio tracks recently in Cubase Artist 10:

When I create an Audio track in my Cubase project, before I even record any audio on this track, Cubase creates a Wave Sound file of 0 bytes with the name of my Audio track in the Audio Record Folder of my project (ex: Audio piano_01). The only way to get rid of it is if I remove the Audio track from my Project.

Then, after I have recorded my audio on this track, the corresponding Wave Sound file is normally created in the Audio Record Folder with the same name (Audio piano_01) and the corresponding 0 bytes file becomes Audio piano_02. The 0 bytes file is still there.

So if I have 10 different Audio tracks in my project, I will end up having actually 20 files, 10 of them being the 0 bytes files corresponding to each audio track.

I find this quite surprising and confusing. Is it something normal? I don’t remember having these 0 bytes files before when recording Audio, is there something I am not doing quite right?

Thank you all for your help

Yes, normal. The file’s created before its needed. Of course, you are not playing back that file.

Cubase creates 0 bytes wav files for me also, it’s happening while playing certain audio files, not recording.
Suddenly i get loud white noise from the corresponding track and i see that a new 0 byte wav has been created. Could it be that these files were somehow corrupted?