Cubase Creating 'Steinberg' Folder Every Time it Starts

Every time I boot up Cubase 9.5.21 (and earlier versions) it creates a directory in my Dropbox, called ‘Steinberg’, which contains two more folders, ‘FX Chain Presets’ and ‘Strip Presets’.

I’ve searched for a setting that may cause this and haven’t found anything.

The correct folders already exist in Library/Steinberg.

I keep deleting it, but it is recreated on every restart.

Any ideas on what may be triggering this?

Do you have any Steinberg associated folders in Dropbox?

I gave up using Dropbox for anything to do with any settings (on another program) due to weirdness when I used them, not tried with Cubase.

Nope, nothing that I know of.

I’ve just reset preferences, and it still creates the folder.

After a bit more investigation, it looks like Media Bay may be the culprit.

I can’t get it to stop scanning for folders. I keep removing them from the scanned list, but every-time I reboot Cubase, there they are again.

It even keeps scanning my applications directory, despite my unchecking it every time.

I’ve also trashed prefs, as well as trashing the media bay database, but nothing seems to work.

Is there another Media bay location I should be looking at, to reset it completely?

Well this is infurating. No matter how many times I uncheck folder, Media Bay checks them again.

…this does sound vaguely familiar, might be worth searching the forum for Media bay re-checks or some-such (I know searches in thy forum can be less than optimal!).

Well I think I found the reason.

I decided to move all of the folders that Cubase wouldn’t stop scanning out of the directory they were in. Then I moved them back in one by one.

It was all down to one folder of presets for another application.

When present, it would be ‘force scanned’ and added to Media Bay despite being unchecked, in turn the other folders would be created by Cubase.

Moving this folder out of its location ‘fixed’ it, but it’s a bit of an unnecessary work around (and messes up my neatly organised system!) when Cubase should follow checkboxes.