Cubase Cross-grade to Nuendo

So I went for the Cubase Cross-grade to Nuendo as I feel it will be a better fit for what I am doing now, ( I have the dongle for Cubase )
BUT how or where do I get the license key? It’s running ok but with a set amount of hours left, Like demo mode I suppose?

The email says “Nuendo 10 Crossgrade from Cubase,
This crossgrade replaces your Cubase license with a Nuendo license. Note that the license will no longer run Cubase.”

Like I said, where is the Nuendo License to replace my Cubase one, it’s not in my account.

Has anyone done a crossgrade? if so how did you get it registered?

You should have gotten an email with an activation code that you will apply in the eLLC.

Same Here ! I bought the crossgrade to nuendo 2days ago and I still don’t have any code to get the licence !
did you get it tuckz ?

Check you spam folder.

I have still not got the Nuendo crossgrade licence! sent a message to support but nothing as yet…not sure what is going on with this, Did anyone get their licence code with no problem?