Cubase cross-grade?

I’m a long-time Cubase user… back to Cubase VST. In recent years I’ve been doing more post gigs, and have considered Nuendo. At one time there was a cross-grade path from Cubase to Nuendo… but no longer.

Will this cross-grade be available again? I’d love to get into Nuendo with NEK.

Hi SoundsLikeJoe,

thank you for your interest in Nuendo!

This is a long time request which are currently considering very seriously for the near future. We’ll let you know, as soon as we have concrete information.

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If you have a copy of SlowStools, you can use that to crossgrade to Nuendo until the end of November.

That I do! Didn’t see the info on their site but will look again

If you have PTHD you save quite a bit - we did it with some PTHD licenses. And you get to keep both unlike a Cubase cross grade to Nuendo. If you don’t get a response from the email address noted on the cross grade form send a support request and they’ll deal with it.

Just reinforcing that a crossbreed from Cubase to Nuendo would be great!

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Hi guys,

it is now possible to crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo:

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:sunglasses: THX !!!

I would also love to be able to cross-grade TO Cubase from Nuendo. I.e. be able to purchase a license for a very discounted price (or free). Even better would be if we weren’t given an extra license for Cubase but that our singular Nuendo license could open Cubase as well (that way we couldn’t split up the license on two different dongles). It only seems fair to me given the price of Nuendo and that Cubase really is “Nuendo Lite” as far as I can tell. Cubase gets new features first so I don’t see why we can’t use them.

Cubase is a creative/music creation tool, while Nuendo is a post-production tool. Even if you buy NEK, you’re not really turning Nuendo into Cubase with Nuendo features because there’s a bunch of things that are implemented differently between the two DAWs.

Back in the Cubase SX3/Nuendo 3 days you could definitely say Cubase is “Nuendo Lite”, but the two programs are slowly becoming more and more different from each other.

But Nuendo can open Cubase files, and the last I tried the opposite was true as well.
How different can they be (and more importantly why does it matter) if they can both open each-others sessions?

Could you expand on this please? I’d like to know more about it.

Thanks in advance.