Cubase Crossgrade approval stuck in a Loop

Hi there

I applied for the competitive Crossgrade from Logic to Cubase. I submitted proof of purchase.
Then I got an email that has a button that says “Current State of your Eligibility Status”

I press the button and go to a page where it says (in green) " Congratulations, the review of your eligibility verification request has been processed successfully.

You are now entitled, for a limited period of time, to purchase discounted offers.
This entitlement is valid until the expiration date of the provided proof of your eligibility."

I click on the only button available “Continue Shopping”

And it brings back to the page where I have to submit my documentation of previous Daws purchase. So I am stuck in a loop

Can someone check my account please?

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, get in touch with your local Steinberg support.