Cubase Crossgrade FROM nuendo?

I’ve attempted searching the forum and the Steinberg site, but have had trouble finding details regarding crossgrading to Cubase from Nuendo.

For years I was a faithful Nuendo user, up to and including version 4 (for which i currently own a license), but in recent years have opted to use other products. I’m getting ready to begin a new project, and I am interested in evaluating and possibly going back to the Steinberg interface - either Nuendo or Cubase - but from reading up on current feature sets am thinking that Nuendo likely has features for film post that i will not likely need.

I am wondering if it’s possible (or even appropriate feature wise and/or financially?) to crossgrade to Cubase 9.5 FROM Nuendo 4.0?

Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated.
Dan -> shop -> Cubase Pro 9.5
If you can see a crossgrade offer it is possible, if you can’t it is not. That simple

I’ve seen that page, and this is why i am asking - as it is not listed there. So that’s it, it’s not an option?

Or - Is it the suggestion that one must have a “My Steinberg” account, have registered their previously purchased product, be logged in, and this list will be customized based on that person’s account?

Quite obvious.

There is a line item at the bottom of the list of Cubase 9.5 purchase options (wherein the other upgrades are listed) :

• Cubase Pro 9.5 Crossgrade
Proof of eligibilty required

It is not clear (or obvious) what defines ‘eligibility’.