Cubase / Cub.Artist / Cub.Elements 6.0.3 update released

Dear Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase Elements 6 users,

Today we are pleased to release the 6.0.3 maintenance update for Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase Elements 6! The update is based on the invaluable feedback we received for the initial 6.0 as well as the 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 versions and provides several improvements, such as refined event opacity handling, enhanced gridline representation, Euphonix/Avid MC Pro remote control support and more efficient playback performance of HD video formats. In addition, several issues have been resolved. For an overview of changes, please see the list below or download the version history from the corresponding download pages.

The 6.0.3 update is recommended to anyone using Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase Elements 6 and can be applied to 6.0.0, 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 versions. Here are the download links:

Cubase 6.0.3 Update download:

Cubase Artist 6.0.3 Update download:

Cubase Elements 6.0.3 Update download:

While Cubase 6.0.3 is Mac OS X 10.7 compatible, there are a few issues we are currently working on. Please take a look at this Knowledge Base article for more information.

We are sure that you’ll enjoy the enhancements and additions in this update.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

List of 6.0.3 changes

Please note that depending on your Cubase version, not all improvements and resolved issues are part of the update

Improvements in 6.0.3

1) Event handling opacity while slip-editing
When slip-editing an event, the event will now turn semi-transparent just like when dragging and moving it in 6.0.2.

2) Gridlines in front of parts/events
To further simplify editing and positioning of Audio Events and MIDI Parts, Cubase 6.0.3 introduces the ability to draw the Grid Lines of the Project window and the Audio Part Editor in front of them. The strength of the gridlines in front of parts and events can be seamlessly controlled.

Update 28.07.2011:
After the release of 6.0.3 we detected that there is a performance issue with the new grid overlay feature in Cubase 6.0.3 under Mac OS X (Cubase under Windows is not affected). Currently the only workaround is to disable the grid overlay (what a pity, now that it’s finally here). This can be achieved by turning the intensity slider (Preferences > Event Display section) entirely to the left. We aim to resolve this issue ASAP.

3) Zoom handling and part names: show Event Data/Name options
A new event display preference lets you customize how part names and data on smallest track height are displayed.

4) Support for Euphonix/Avid MC Pro remote control surfaces
An update for the Steinberg EuCon Adapter will be released together with Cubase 6.0.3, adding full support for MC Pro remote control surfaces in Cubase 6.

5) Video improvements
Cubase 6.0.3 features improved playback performance of HD video formats in general. Single-threaded codecs (like Motion-JPEG, Photo-JPEG, and QuickTime DV) will benefit from the also new “Boost Video” option: if enabled, one CPU core is excluded from audio processing and reserved for video decoding and playback tasks, resulting in smoother video performance.

6) Audio import/export: Split File Name Format
To higher the level of compatibility when exchanging audio files with other products and to give more flexibility in general, creating split files from multi-channel files can now be named. For example, it’s now possible to add suffixes like “_L” or “_R” to the corresponding channel.

7) MultibandCompressor: Live mode
The MultibandCompressor plug-in now features a new efficient Live mode which reduces plug-in latency as well as load on the CPU.

8) New Patchname Script for Yamaha MOX synthesizer
A Patchname Script for the Yamaha MOX synthesizer is now available in the MIDI Device Manager.

Issues resolved in 6.0.3

1) Folder track
When expanding a folder track, the track list now doesn’t scroll to keep the focus on the track folder.
The original issue is described in more detail at: BUG: Opening folded VSTi tracks - #11 by Helge_Vogt - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

2) Audiowarp
a) When playing back warped material in a loop for an extended time, the audio quality remains intact (PC Windows only). The original issue is described in more detail at: BUG 6.0.2 - Horrible Warping Behavior after looping a while - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

b) A warped audio event now stays in sync, also when placed in a part with multiple splits and the project includes tempo changes. _The original issue is described in more detail at: Steinberg Forums

c) A potential AudioWarp issue with shifted audio events, when changing the tempo in the Sample Editor toolbar, has been resolved.

3) VariAudio
After flattening VariAudio modifications, the solo state in the Sample Editor will behave correctly.
The original issue is described in more detail at: Cubase 6.0.1 / Cubase Artist 6.0.1 pre-release available - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
Also an issue has been resolved, where the VariAudio analysis could render the application unresponsive.

4) Key Commands and Macros
Deleting a macro won’t render the application unreliable. Applying user-created key command presets won’t result in opening the Preset Browser.
The original issue is described in more detail at: [crash] Key Commands, please have a look - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

5) Quantize
Some quantizing errata corrected. Iterative quantizing for audio events behaves correctly and approximates the chosen quantize preset and grid value now.
The original issue is described in more detail at: [BUG] Quantizing sliced drums is broken(video/.cpr included) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

6) VST Expression
Chasing MIDI CCs for VST Dynamics works correctly now. If a project used Note Expression data, the Tempo Detection doesn’t lead to potential instability of the application.

7) Freeze
Opening a project with frozen channels now allows proper editing of plug-ins loaded in Insert slots 7 & 8.

8) Input Transformer
The “Off Velocity” parameter has been added to the Input Transformer.

9) Metronome
Distortion at certain sample rates when using user-samples for the Metronome has been eliminated.

10) ReWire
Improved playback/transport synchronicity using Reason, respectively for ReWire connected applications.

11) MonoDelay plug-in
Producing additional ASIO load when enabling the improved silence detection in the MonoDelay plug-in has been resolved.

12) AutoPan plug-in
The LFO waveform state is now displayed correctly in the AutoPan plug-in.

13) Spector plug-in
An issue has been resolved, where Spector doesn’t display the current spectrum correctly.

14) Score Editor
a) Erratic track arming issue resolved in conjunction with open Score Editor and changing layouts.

b) Under certain conditions Crescendi symbols on page 1 could appear on the following Score pages. This issue has been resolved.

c) The Zoom Tool in the Score Editor behaves correctly now.

d) An issue has been resolved, where the Delete Overlaps function deleted preceding events under certain conditions.

e) Bottom staffs are no longer selected when scrolling pages.

f) Potential issues with MusicXML files exported from Finale and imported to Cubase have been resolved.

thank you !

Yes, thank you ever so much, especially for not having us wait a nother few days till literally the very end of July! :laughing:

Keep up the great work Steinberg!

Funny, It gives me an error installing. It launches after that, but I’ve lost the EuCon link, even it doesn’t show on the menu. BTW, I did install the EuCon update and it works in Nuendo.

OSX Lion status?

I got around to trying the update for a brief amount of time. Very happy for the most part and I think those that were upset over missing transparent events will be quite happy now. The grid lines above the events works perfects and can even be adjusted intensity wise.

One thing I was wondering about however. The opacity of an event does not change if being nudged via the nudge palette found on the toolbar. I thought this would have been the case. Dragging with the mouse causes the event to change in opacity but not via the nudge panel. Is there a reason for this or an oversight? I would like to see the same happen opacity wise when using the nudge palette for those very fine adjustments in relation to the quantize setting.

Lastly, I am unsure exactly how this works or how it can benefit me?

  1. Zoom handling and part names: show Event Data/Name options.

I see the listing in the preference but am unsure how it works. Can anyone explain to me exactly what this is and how it could be useful?

Great job again Steinberg. Thank you.

Update crashes over here (So not C6 after the update, but the update file itself).
Can’t update on my XP SP3 laptop but update worked OK on my Vista-laptop.
I’ll try later on my main DAW desktop.

Loving the new import audio option too! Being able to split and name a file accordingly was long overdue and very much welcome! Thanks again!

On my Win7 64-bit machine the update gives an error message:

“Module C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Asio\asiodxfd.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147024770. Contact your support personnel.”

Tried carefully to make sure everything was definitely closed on my computer. i’ll maybe restart and retry the whole update if it lets me. It also had same message again with 1 more file after i pressed “ignore”.

I should say that Cubase 6.03 opened and worked seemingly perfect after this. Possibly just a installer issue that should maybe be worked out.

thanks either way for this momumental(quantize being fixed) update!

Also immediately noticed bug/issue. When i zoom in(or attempt to as it may be) my graphics come to a complete halt… Don’t know if this is related to the new event display(which i love in theory) but it’s a total show stopper since i cannot move basically if i’m zoomed in. Zoomed out to a reasonable level everything acts like normal.

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

edit: I can confirm a workaround for this issue/bug/whatever is to turn the “grid overlay intensity” to 0/min. This causes graphical behavior to go back to normal. Shame though, as i really like how it works with that on haha.


Many thanks. Sadly I have a very bad frame rate conversion issue with all video formats now. The audio is importing at a different rate to the image and so is slightly out of sinc. I’m mid way through a scoring project but luckily there is time to roll back. :confused: :cry:

I was happy to download the release, infortunately the VST EXPRESSION still bug !!!
I will return to work on the last Cubase 5, if the next release of CUBASE 6 doesn’t give me satisfaction, I will be on my right to ask my money back !!!

Faultless install on XP, I’m liking the grid overlay especially.

Thanks to everyone who helped produce this release, and thanks for keeping us end users ‘in the loop’.


Trying it out… :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks Steinberg! :smiley:

curious do you encounter the bug i described above where zooming in with the overlay on makes this almost entirely unusable?

I am not experiencing this. I loaded in a 1h long mixtape dump and zoomed right in with various grid settings and there was no slowdown etc to mention of. Perhaps try and update your video drivers?

Hi Xaq

My zooming is unchanged - it works fine.

It thought It might be just the slightest bit more jumpy, so I tried minimum and maximum overlay and there’s no difference in any setting - could just have been a trick of the eye because of the extra lines.

Definitely no show-stopping graphics problem.

My graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT with 1Gbyte memory


Ty you cubase team!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This was a feature request of mine, and I’m so happy that SB fixed this regression from C5->C6.