Cubase & DAC

Cubase 12 can be used with a DAC, for example ADI-2-DAC FS - RME Audio Interfaces | Format Converters | Preamps | Network Audio & MADI Solutions,
to produce only with virtual instruments and audio mixing.

Good to know. Thank you.

It is a question.
Sorry for not putting the question marks.
I want to know if a DAC is well suited for use with virtual instruments and for mixing in Cubase

Yes if it uses an ASIO driver, if no ASIO driver is available, you can use the Generic Lower Latency driver instead, but this is sensitive to configuration.

Usually RME makes very solid drivers for the interfaces. I assume this one will work just as well as all the others.
Note: If you have a PC use the ASIO driver, on a Mac just use the normal driver.

I listen to a lot of classical music, from the computer, and I also produce something with Cubase, less and less, and without recording external instruments or voices, it will be due to age.
This is my equipement:
Cubase 12
Steinberg UR-RT4
EVE audio SC305 Monitors
Music player: HQPlayer Desktop
pc intel i7 64gb ram
Will the RME ADI-2 DAC improve the audio quality?
Will Cubase adapt to produce without problems with the DAC?

The RME DAC is nit designed for this purpose so dies it have an asio driver and can you get the latency down to play in real time? I use there Babyface pro fs which can but that is from the professional music side whereas the DAC is more consumer hi fi.

That device is a converter that can use USB class compliant mode for audio.
No totalmix, no ASIO. I don’t think it is a good choice if you dont have a good interface that do have the digital interface it need to work in a DAW.

The RME DAC has audio drivers, but it cannot be connected to the Steinberg UR-RT4.
Can’t get tolerable latency using virtual instruments, don’t want to record anything external?

If you think it work buy it. If it does not work you can buy a proper interface with spdif and use it as intended. RME as a excellent user forum too.

I don’t know if it works properly, I wonder if anyone has experience with this.

I’ve talked to an audio production professional; he says that you can do the same as with an audio interface and with great sound quality, but you can’t record.

If it doesn’t have the right type of drivers though. I’m not sure why you are perusing this path when rme has good pro audio interfaces with very low latency.

I make less and less productions in Cubase, it will be due to age. and I want to listen to Beethoven in the best possible audio quality.

I have tested an ADI-2 DAC fs, at the moment it works correctly in Cubase.
In a Project at 96000 Khhz, 64 it float, ADI Buffer 2, 512 Samples, with 20 tracks, one Kontakt piano track, the rest VSL instruments, there is an input latency of 5.354 ms, output latency 6.042 and ASIO-latency. Guard 32,000 ms without any audio clicks. The sound is great, for me better tan the UR,RT4.