Cubase damaged by Protools install on Mac!

I purchased and old Mbox because I have some old SD2 files I want to convert to aiff/wave files for remix.

After installing Protools 6.9 Cubase will no longer recognize my Motu 896.
Motu works with everything but Cubase. Garage Band still uses Motu as to all other Audio Apps.

Things I’ve tried:
I uninstalled Protools successfully via the Uninstaller
Reinstalled Motu driver.
reboots of course.

Do i have to reinstall Cubase? Does Cubase have repair option?

If I reinstall will I have to go through the whole activating/registration process again.

Help! :frowning:

Did you select the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup?

It wasn’t available via connections like it usually is but when I went to Device set up it was there.

Whatever, I’m working.


LouieV - I know this isn’t going to help your current problem but have you seen this?:

I’ve just used it to convert a whole batch of SD2s on DVD and it works really well. Also - it’s free. :stuck_out_tongue: