Cubase daw of choice

Why is cubase your daw of choice.

Far too many reasons to list…but heres a SMALL sample:

SX 2 was the first REAL DAW I was introduced to (“Fruity Loops”, now FL Studio, lead me up to it though)
FULLY integrates with my Motif XS!..!!
Steinberg created VST technology :exclamation:
Always loved the workflow
The Editors are second to NONE :exclamation:
The power/tools it wields
The customization
Love that its not the “studio standard” as well! :smiley:

:laughing: Why WOULDNT you choose Cubase :question: (especially at its current version!..!..!) :laughing:


Because I had Cubase on an Atari ST (in turn because I had Pro-24 on an Atari ST) and I (a) don’t want the trouble of learning anything very different and (b) do always want a good chance of being able to open old files in my latest DAW.

Because my keyboard teacher introduced me to it and it works for what I do. Can’t be bothered to look elsewhere when things are smooth :slight_smile:

PRO 24!!! That’s what I started on! I still have a couple dozen floppies with old song files. Are you saying Cubase Artist 6.5 will load them in???

No, I’m not, unfortunately.

I can’t remember whether any PC version of Cubase would load Pro-24 files, though I think not. But I was able to load Pro-24 files into Atari Cubase and save them from there. Later, I was able to get Atari Cubase ARR files into PC versions (IIRC, SX3 is the last version that would do that). I can think of (at least) one piece, now saved in a relatively recent Cubase format, that originated in Pro-24.

I just had a quick look in Cubase VST v5 (predecessor of the SX versions) and it looks like that wouldn’t import Pro-24 files. Unless an earlier VST version would import them [I think I still have v3 on an old PC but it’s not easy to get it going to find out] perhaps the only way you could get your Pro-24 music into modern Cubase would be via Atari Cubase? Not impossible, but not much fun.