Cubase Default Preferences that should be Changed

In my opinion there are a bunch of default preferences that should be changed to become the new default preferences standard.
It feels like the current default preferences out of the box are not optimised for the user, and there are some other things that baffle me as to why they are not enabled or disabled by default.

Heres a list of changes I would like Steinberg to consider changing:

File → Preferences…

Editing / Audio:
u Convert and copy to project if needed[/u] - This should be enabled, Importing audio files with different sample rates compared to the Project can cause confusion for users as there is timing issues.
u Automatic Hitpoint detection[/u] - This should be Disabled as it puts more load on performance and is not needed 90% of the time due to manual cutting or hitpoint editing.

Editing / Project & Mix Console:
u Enable Record on Selected Tracks[/u] - When this is enabled, selecting a different track will cause the previously armed track to disarm and arm record the new selected track, this is not a desirable behaviour, this does not happen when Disabled, this should be Disabled by default.

Editing / Tools:
u Pop Up Toolbar on Right Click[/u] - This default setting shows less options compared to when it is Disabled, When disabled it shows all of the Toolbar Tools plus all of the additional main menus, this is much more useful to the user.

Event Display:
u Show Overlaps[/u] - This should be set to Always by default
u Default Track Name Width[/u] - This should Change from 110 to maximum 200, most of us are using 1080p minimum, Screen real estate should not be limited by default for noobs with 480p in 4:3 ratio monitors :astonished:
u Colorize Track Controls[/u] - The Intensity slider should be increased a little bit

u Auto Save Interval[/u] - This feature can cause instability (crashes, BSODs, glitches etc) this should be disabled by default.
u Run Setup on Create New Project[/u] - This should be enabled by default !

Media Bay:
u Maximum items in Results list[/u] - This should be increased from the default of 1000 to 10,000

u Import Options[/u] - Change Destination from Halion Sonic SE to MIDI Tracks. If people want to use MIDI in Halion Sonic SE they will do so separately, theres no need to force your products onto the user.

VST / Plugins:
u Sort Plug-ins Menu by Vendor[/u] - Its probably better to have this Enabled by default, its alot cleaner and less confusing for the user.

Together we can make Cubase great again.

As audio workers we need rock solid stability, performance and optimisation before we need new additional features.

Im very worried that way too much resources are being spent on this new stupid VST Connect and Cloud storage crap that we do not need, there are tonnes of performance, functionality and optimisations that need to be prioritised much higher than all that other crap.
No one cares about trying to keep up with Dropbox or Splice or whatever…we want to make music and have fun doing so while having confidence in our tools.

Thanks for listening

Hmmm… while I see where you’re coming from, I disagree on many of these. Eg I use hitpoints to vavigate a lot. So the default makes sense to me.

This is why they are ‘preferences’ after all – not everyone will share the same preferences. You have to make something the default and it’s never going to please everyone. And you only need to chage each one once!

I understand what youre saying, but in my opinion alot of these default preferences are limiting features or affecting performance.

Why should someone have to go into preferences to enable something that they did not know even existed in the first place.

As a professional DAW I would highly recommend for Steinberg to optomize preferences a bit more out of the box for users, we shouldn’t have to go into preferences at all basically.

Would you care to explain more of your thoughts on what you dislike about the changes ?

Im preparing myself for a awful release of Cubase 9 full of bugs and bloatware…yay ! its time for myself to stop sucking upto Steinberg, I have been affected with horrendous DAW performance and instability for years now ever since Cubase 7 !!!

I agree on all except:
(1) Auto Save Interval
It does not cause any glitches or performance degradation as it only saves when stopped, BSOD’s are pretty much only caused by faulty drivers.
Although save times can be long when track count is in the hundreds.

I have actually had it cause instability to me before and crash cubase.

To replicate the situation would be to:

  • Play around with a VST parameter and move it around when the Auto Save interval hits, I cant say for certain if it was due to a bad driver, but it seemed more related to the Auto Save.
    I also have some friends who have reported experiencing some issues while it was enabled aswell.

Just my 2 cents