Cubase deletes entire chords and moves later notes

I recently noticed that when I’m in the VST instrument key editor and try to delete a note, cubase deletes the entire chord, and it shifts the notes in front of the deleted chord to fill in the space the deleted chord left. I saw this was asked a while back, yet there was no answer from the original poster when asked for clarification (so I assume that the original poster was able to find the solution elsewhere).

Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, I can’t see any relation in-between the Note and the Chord. Is the Note one of the notes of a Chord? How was the Chord created?

Where is the window focus (white frame) while you are doing this?

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
The chord was created when I opened the editor (Screenshot - 9)
When I try to delete a note (selected in Screenshot - 10)
Screenshot - 11 is the result.

The window focus is separate from Cubase on the desktop.


I’m sorry, but 2-times screenshot 9 is attached and screenshot 12 is attached. So I’m missing 10 and 11.

A couple of times recently when I’ve uploaded several pix some of them get dropped when Previewing or Submitting the Post.