Cubase Desktop -> Steinberg Desktop

Hi, wise & nice people!
Many reads about wishes on every new version, but I hold one until it becomes clear for me. Now it is!
So I imagine that it would be nice if:

*) Cubase Desktop becomes Steinberg Desktop with all possible icons - optionally hide those not installed, not licensed etc.

With “all icons” I mean Cubase, Dorico, Wavelab, Library & Download managers, also MediaBay.

I know it is

*) this also means that all prograns use the same configuration if are running from Steinberg Desktop, but use their own setup if run standalone. It means that also sound card should be used the same and without loading yhird party drivers like asio4all.

*) in case of such united setup you could load Dorico and Cubase, specify that MIDI keyboard optionally responds only on active windoe or bith, or only specified window.

*) such setup probably would give an opportunity to use Cubase like we use VEPro. It means in Dorico you could specify MIDI port and channel for already loaded instruments in Cubase. I have VEPro and it’s great. This idea wouldn’t lower the need of VEPro, but just offer more if all software would be more friendly to each other.

*) my imagination can route audio outputs from Dorico and Cubase to Wavelab’s input (many inputs) and vice versa in some point - Wavelab output to Cubase input.

These new features would initiate many other ideas I and any of you could imagine later.

So now your turn, Steinberg team!
P.S. Just don’t stuck on “it’s not possible” :wink: