Cubase Developers/Coders/Managers - Come say hello! You are invited to talk to us in here! Most of us are nice

I’ve been keeping close tabs on the threads in this section of the forums and adding a lot of my own input, %90 of what I see in here are really great obtainable suggestions that would undeniably help Cubase be the best DAW on the market.

It’s extremely difficult to gauge what the devs have seen in here, suggestions they like etc. It would be sad for some of these fantastic suggestions to go unseen and not be incorporated, %90 of what I see in here, would add value to the program and result in Steinberg making greater profits.

So I’m really hoping to see devs, not moderators, chime in here and discuss with us which revisions and features being added can be obtained. Just a round table discussion on what has been talked about in this thread so far - before it becomes overly crowded with a million suggestions - let’s talk about the 2 or so pages. Get a bit of a Q&A happening.

A bit more presence in the forums would be greatly appreciated, some of us have complex project logistics and workflows that would benefit greatly from knowing what we can expect in the near future,
Thanks Steinberg team.


+1 Steinberg has always been pretty tight-lipped in regards to features they are working on for Cubase, but I would love to see that change.

Wavelab has a developer presence in that section of the forum so why not Cubase also?


Maybe we could try Yamaha forums. Maybe they’ll say something like “Don’t worry, they are listening.”

+1 that would be nice and beneficial for the product but do they speak English? Steinberg is a German company. They might need a middle man/translator.

Hi CurrentSound,

There are Steinberg employees that post in English in the other sections of the Cubase forum. We just don’t see them post in the feature request section very often (if ever).

If I were a Steinberg developer, the title of this thread would be the scariest thing I’d seen since Halloween … :smiling_imp:

To Resonant’s credit, he did give them fair warning and said most of us are nice.

Firmly place tongue in cheek.
Steinberg Yamaha Cubase 11 Release: A Step-by-Step Plan for January 2020

After the Japanese and German engineers sit in a Zen garden for a week to recover from their headaches and decide to get on with it, Steinberg Yamaha complete the root cause investigation into why Cubase 10’s release was so fraught with issues and implement corrective actions to ensure they never happen again. These folks must have been thrilled about it. One feels for the many software engineers who were fired after having to post this on the Steinberg website. Could they hear the ProTools folks smirking?

2020 is the year you get Cubase perfect. Here’s my proposed development cycle:

Engineers are now rewarded for REMOVING code that is rarely, if ever, used in the real world. To give the developers some breathing room and get off the treadmill, no new “features” in 2019. 2019 will only see “fixes” released.

The newest Mac OS X is released to Steinberg Yamaha. (Horse first, then cart. Not the other way around.)


FULL CUBASE 11 AND UR HARDWARE QUALITY TESTING IS COMPLETED in three different professional studios on live orchestral, vocal acoustic pop, and electronic dance recording projects in England, Germany, and Japan.

All necessary corrective actions are implemented and re-tested. Cubase and Steinberg hardware are both now as reliable and solid as a sledgehammer.

The newest Mac OS X is released to the public.

THEN (cue appropriate fanfare) AT THE SAME TIME, ON THE SAME DAY:

eLicenser update is released, so the %$&*#@& dongle works.

TOOLS for Yamaha Steinberg UR Hardware released, so the interface works.

CUBASE 11 released, so it works without ever requiring that embarrassing Cubase Crashes message appearing before creating tracks, opening a project, or for that matter other actions necessary to make music.

Dreamer…I’m nothing but a dreamer… :sunglasses:

Ok, back to whatever your personal reality is. Happy winter solstice celebration of your choice, everyone!