Cubase disappearing (crash) frequently...

So I’ve been using Cubase 8.5.20 rather frequently in OS X 10.11.6.

Seemingly at random times, Cubase will simply disappear. Crash, gone, no error message, no dumps. When I restart, I get a notice about a backup etc… and everything runs fine.

I’m having difficulty figuring out what is wrong. I’ve tried not using any 3rd party VSTs. I’ve traced my steps fairly clearly trying to see if I can find anything happening specifically before the crash. No progress. It happens when recording, making edits, changing presets on a plug-in, and I’ve even had it happen with Cubase totally idle.

In the following log is made: “10/14/16 22:25:18.379[1]: (com.steinberg.cubase8v5.336672[49999]) Service exited due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11”

I have no other segfaults recorded on my system in the last 168 hours except for cubase.

I’m normally fairly good at figuring out how to replicate bugs in software, but this one really has be stumped and it’s exceptionally frustrating.

Same here- driving me nuts. It seems related to graphics/ window handling here.

Will happen often when opening a plugin GUI or switching workspace

Opening a window of any sort definitely seems to cause it more frequently.

However, I’ve had it happen while recording and when I’ve stepped away from the computer entirely. :imp:

Yesterday it happened 7 times. Today, 2 times.

hi !
not certain about mac but you may want to try updating your secursoft dongle software i had a similar problem a year back … that solve it for me
however like i said i have not gt much if any brownie points on a mac
good luck

I know Sierra is not supported by Steinberg yet but this happens ALOT for me on Sierra on a 2011 mac mini server.
Using Logic until Cubase gets stable again. One benefit of having several daw software. :slight_smile:

I upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan yesterday and Cubase 8.5 wouldn’t get past the splash screen - it would go to the VST2 PlugManager and exit with a segmentation fault (Code 11). I noticed in the Console log it was attempting to load the 32bit Ableton Live (it was picking it up via Rewire). The crash log would cite various random VSTs including Cubase’s own.

I removed that 32bit Live alias from the Application Support/Propellerhead/Rewire folder thinking it was that, but it still crashed. On a hunch that it was probably still something in Rewire that was causing the issue just based on timing – as the crash was always within a second of reaching a point at which Cubase seems to load Rewire, I cleared out the System and User Rewire filters. That allowed Cubase to start up.

tl;dr - try clearing out Rewire to see if it becomes more stable.