Cubase disappearing when using Audio Export

Ive recently re installed Windows 10 to a new SSD and just giving it over to Cubase and DAW stuff.
I thought this was the way forward to avoid the constant issues ive been having, but it seems not.
This morning ive had 3 identical crashes. All on exporting a mix.
Now i cant export it at all. Cubase will either disappear before it starts the Export, or during.

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (737.3 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (655.6 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (655.8 KB)

It seems specific to this project. It was working perfectly last night. The only difference today is ive added in some saturation on some of the channel strips. Just using the built in effects.

it was ok for a while, but back to closing CB down again
.Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (698.3 KB)

Can someone from Steinberg please tell me whats going on so i can disable whatever i need to in the project.

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (638.6 KB)

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (636.8 KB)

This is from a totally separate Windows 10 and CB install on a different HD. All with the exact same error as first posted.
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (744.9 KB)

Back to the new install of CB
Real time Export worked (once), and normal export has worked, but then CB just disappeared at the end of the export
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (661.9 KB)

Really cant believe ive lost a day trying to export this small file.
Why is CB not giving me any error’s when it crashes?
who else writes code like this where the program is just gone without warning?
Where is support when you need it?

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (656.8 KB)

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (639.3 KB)

OK, so real time export is working, or at least ive got a couple of mixes using this way.
Totally drained today, and i cant believe all with with a new install after being told all my issues before were to do with my old install and my old Windows system.

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (632.8 KB)

The solution ive found is to copy all the tracks to a new empty project.
So far this is working ok.
I have kept the corrupt one if anyone from Steinberg would like to view it.

Nope. new project and still the same issue. its going to be a long night.
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.9 (753.8 KB)

CB isnt even remembering what project was last opened after each crash. the current project is not in the Recent list.


I’m on this…

This is user forum. If you need Steinberg support, call them or rise a support ticket, please.

Of course, it doesn’t, because it crashed, so the preferences with the Recent Projects has not been stored.

What “saturation” exactly is it, please? Which Channel Strip plug-in? Could you attach a screenshot of the settings, please? Was it Output Channel, or Group Channel, or Audio…?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I don’t think it was the effect itself that caused this, as i took it off all the channels and still had the issue.
Safe mode didnt make a difference.
Exporting in real time worked ok, and making a new project and importing all the tracks from the above project, all with the effects still active, worked ok as well.
Strangely i was still getting the crashes with the offending project loaded but not active, when i exported the new one.
Seems to be a corrupt project maybe?


Thank you for the details.

Yes, it looks like corrupted project.

It might not be relevant, but the first time it happened i had hit the space bar by accident just as the export was starting. After that, i had all the issues above.
I cant understand why it only crashes on audio export though. I was working all day on the project and it was rock solid.


Thank you for the details again.

When you are working on it, it’s processed in “real-tome”, same as the real-time export was working.

Yeah, so I wonder where the corruption is.
The tracks are all fine in the new project, and other projects would have no issues exporting.