Cubase disappears while i was rendering Halion 3 tracks

Just tried to render two brass tracks from Halion and Cubase has crashed and disappeared.
Week old install of Windows 10 and CB Pro 11

Cubase 64bit 2021.6.12 (680.2 KB)

Here we go again. WTF !!!
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.12 (682.7 KB)


To me it looks the same as your other crash report here.

I would try to reinstall Cubase (as administrator).

Yes, I believe they look connected.

Ive been advised by a few people not to use Admin mode, and this was one of the reasons i did the new build so I wouldn’t have to.
With my old build things were getting strange. I had to install all the Steinberg and Waves programs in Admin mode. Could be my system, but thats why i moved to a new instal of Windows. Separate SSD so the two arent connected at all.


Installing applications as admin is something different than running it as admin. I would recommend to install it as admin, but not to run it as admin. I would run it as common user.

Ok thanks, ill give that a go.
i did judst re install CB using the Steinberg Downloader, and when i went to render a Halion instrument track i had an instant shut down again
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.12 (745.8 KB)

im not sure what this means or if its relevant.
The project im working on has been saved with the mixer open in the lower half. only the past 2 saves, its not always been like this.
ive opened the project up and closed the mixer. Then ive gone to (try) and render in place a Halion track, the mixer window has opened again on its own.


I’m not Windows user and I don’t know, if you run Steinberg Download Assistant as admin, if it installs Cubase as admin. I would let Steinberg Download Assistant to download Cubase and then install it the common way (but as administrator).

Thanks. I was going to ask how i can do this. Maybe i can run the actual instal files if i can find them.
Since my last post its been ok. I trashed my preference. Not sure if that helps, but ive done that a few times and the issue seems to come and go.
Ill give the instal another go in Admin mode.

Ive found the actual install .exe so ill run that as admin.
To be clear, i have two totally separate instances of CB on my PC and both are having issues, so i know its the project and probably not the instal, but if this new project it’s corrupt as well then something is definitely not right.