So I finally upgraded from C4 Studio to C9.5 Pro. I installed C9.5 on my new computer with C4 still on the old system. I put my existing elicenser with the C4 Studio license into my new computer.
All went smoothly…HOWEVER!!!
When the C9.5 installation prompted me to “update license” on my usb elicenser, I did so, it gave me no other option.
NOW, when I took out the elicenser and put it back in the old system, C4 will no longer open…it says “no license present” ???.
I Today I got on a long online chat with tech support…according to him, I’m basically shit out of luck!!. WHen you update a license, the old one is gone, and previous versions of cubase are then dead!.
It was my understanding I could have more than one license on my elicenser??. It was my plan to keep C4 Studio running on the old system.

THIS IS A COMPLETE CATASTROPHE!!, as i still have projects I’m working on in C4 on my old system!!!

Has anyone ever experienced this before…is there no hope at all???..I know I could try and transfer my old C4 sessions to the new system in C9.5, hoping that maybe it would be backward compatible…knowing that NONE of my plugs would be there. Would this work at all ???

This has really destroyed me!!..PLEASE HELP IF ANYONE HAS ANY ANSWERS!!!


License update/upgrade means you are owner of 1 license (after the update/upgrade) and the old license is overwritten by the new one. If you need 2 licenses, you have to buy a new license.

However you should be able to start Cubase 4 Studio with Cubase 9.5 Pro license. In general, you should be able to start an older Cubase version with a newer license, and a lower Cubase derivative with higher Cubase derivative license. My assumption is that you have an olde eLicenser Control Centre installed on your system, so the old eLCC doesn’t recognise the new (Cubase 9.5) license. Update of the eLCC application (on the old computer) to the latest version should fix the problem from my point of view. Question is, if the system is capable to install the latest eLCC, if it’s still compatible.

It could be that he needs a newer eLicenser software on the old PC.

Hi there!
I had the same case, but not so tragic as yours.
I just updated my 8.5 version to 9 version. So I have a 9 version license now, but this license allows me to use my older version of Cubase. I would do as recommended Martin above and installed the new elicenser on your old PC. Best regards.

Grazie grazie grazie!!!.. it worked!!
… and get this !!.. elicenser controller center was never installed on my old computer!!!. So I installed it and did the maintenance update, and minutes later C4 Studio is back online!! :smiley:

Now my question is, why didn’t the chat help guy tell me to do this in the first place???.. Would have saved me much stress and anguish!!!

Most people on a help desk dose not real have practical experience, they read from a data base.
In the past eLicenser was called Syncrosoft.