Cubase disconecting all sound when opening

Hi, I’m new in using cubase. I’ve installed a trial version to see if I’m willing to buy it, but I already encounter a problem.

When I open cubase, there is no sound comming out of my speakers anymore. I also cannot get sound out of my PC in other places like youtube anymore. I have to restart my PC and the sound returns.

How can this be? Is there a standard setting wrong?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

You have to use another audio driver to use the audio of other software. Cubase uses an ASIO driver, so you can use another driver type for the other applications.

I expect you are using an internal Audio Device. Therefore I would recommend installing ASIO4ALL and using it as a virtual ASIO driver in Cubase.


first problem - no sound in Cubase.
There is a nice section in the manual about how to set up the system. I’ll link the PDF version as I think it is better to read in this case. Read both articles “setting up your system” and “audio connections”:

Second problem - no sound on rest of PC:
Cubase uses its own audio system (called ASIO). It was invented because Windows’ audio system was just not good enough to cope with a virtual professional music studio.
ASIO runs parallel to the OS’ audio system. If the driver of an audio interface/soundchip is programmed to handle both system (multi-client) you will not experience these problems. Unfortunately cheap consumer soundchips like Realtek don’t have such sophisticated drivers and can only serve either ASIO or Windows but not both at the same time.

It’s a case of Cubase demanding a bit better hardware (or actually better audio drivers) than you have. Alternatively you can try to live with the compromise of either using Cubase or the Windows audio system.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your quick response.
Cubase does find my driver but says it cant’t connect. I use the Line 6 helix as my driver. On itself, the helix works fine on my pc, but when I want to change this setting in cubase, it screws up my PC audio . There is no sound coming out of my pc anymore and I have to restart my pc to get my audio back. Cubase still doesn’t have audio then.