Cubase discount then Nuendo crossgrade possible?

Can I buy a second copy of Cubase 10 Pro (before June 3rd) at the discounted cost of € 279,50, and then crossgrade it to Nuendo 10 at the cost of € 399? That would mean € 678,50 for Nuendo, instead of the full price € 979.
That way, I’ll have licenses for and will be able to use both Cubase and Nuendo on a single USB-eLicenser or on two different USB-eLicensers.
Is that possibile at all? Is there something that prevents it?


Yes, I would say this is possible. Why not?

As Martin says, I cannot see why there is any problem in what you propose. When there are discounts available, you can sometimes save money buying a product by buying a different product then immediately crossgrading it.

It is normally worth using an old Cubase Pro licence to crossgrade to Nuendo, as the crossgrade to Nuendo is the same price from Cubase 4 as from Cubase Pro 10. Often you can buy a qualifying Cubase licence quite cheaply. However, the current 50% off sale for new Cubase licences limits the scope for saving money by buying an old Cubase Pro licence cheaply, as those wishing to sell Cubase licences will probably wait for the current sale to end. Very old licences of Cubase have limited value as they can be expensive to upgrade: upgrading to Cubase 10 from any version of Cubase from 4 to 6.5 is just over half the cost of a new Cubase Pro 10 licence - much more expensive than upgrading to Cubase Pro 10 from a more recent version. However, you will get a good deal buying a new Cubase Pro 10 licence and crossgrading it immediately.

Perhaps someone you know is using an old version of Cubase that qualifies for the Nuendo crossgrade: it must be Cubase 4-7.5 or Cubase Pro 8-10, lesser editions of Cubase (Artist, Elements etc.) have to be upgraded to Cubase Pro before being crossgraded to Nuendo. You could make that person happy or, depending on your priorities, make some money by exchanging their Cubase licence for the new Cubase Pro 10 licence you’re proposing to buy before you crossgrade to Nuendo.

The Cubase Pro licence you crossgrade will be replaced with a Nuendo 10 licence. I presume that the Cubase licence you talk about having after your crossgrade to Nuendo is the Cubase licence you already have.

Many thanks to both Martin and David