Cubase disk cache

Windows 11 / Cubase 11 Pro / ssd m.2 p41 2t x 2

Even when there is only one audio sample in one track,
If you move the playback position, the disk cache jumps.

If you move the playback position while the screen is enlarged, it jumps more violently.
If you reduce the screen to a very small size and move the playback position, it becomes normal.

my computer is up to date
14700k /64G RAM

help me

(I’m having trouble finding Steinberg’s email address.
If anyone knows, please let me know. thank you)

I get the same in Win11, I tagged it as an issue - I think it’s just cosmetic though I have NVME SSD drives and they don’t even register a blip in windows task manager / resource monitor.

They do max out every time I move playback - but only if an audio track is added, not with a blank project.

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