Cubase disk overload at very light load

Or maybe it’s high load? But if so how did Hans Zimmer managed to write his 100-piece orchestra music in the era of 2-core Intels with spinning drives?

30 audio tracks playing simultaneously. Cubase runs from M1 drive and project is on SSD drive (both are new and fast models).

It was doing fine until I added 6 background vocal tracks which were split from one continuous looped recording (just split each take into a separate track). Not sure if this has something to do with it. Does Cubase have trouble reading separate parts of the same file simultaneously?

Buffer is set to 2048

Ryzen 3900x, 16Gb RAM, W10. C10.0.60


This is disk I/O (read/write) overload. Can you check disk read/write in Task Manager, please?

It shows 32% (see the screenshot in OP).


Could you sort the list by Disk? Maybe some other application is reading/writing in the same time more significantly?

Not sure if I understood your question/request…

Nothing else is happening during this project.

The stuttering only occurs during that part with split background vocal parts. It doesn’t happen anywhere else.

It appears Cubase has an extremely inefficient or defective way of dealing with split audio parts from a single file placed as separate tracks.


Sorry you not be clear.

I was thinking, if you could sort the Task Manager view by Disk usage. To click to the Disk column to see, what application is reading/writing the most. Maybe some background process is reading/writing much more than Cubase.