Cubase does not care about Windows users anymore

There, I said it. It’s as clear as day to me now :imp:

How so?

Cubase has never cared About anything or anybody…

Cubase never cared About anything or anybody… when l saw this it really made me even happier . l was happy for the update and when l saw Svennilenni made this quip just brilliant .

I just saw the 10.5.1 update was designed for MAC users. I’m still using 10 despite paying for 10.5 because the CPU is crazy, even on small projects. Assumed this was going to be fixed.

Massive +1.

The reason there is an update for Mac users only is because the PCs are so much more reliable.

the 10.5.10 update is an update that for me, a windows 10 user, fixes problems. not everything that is changed is in release notes by the way.
a new way of scanning of vst2 plugins for instance. it isn’t better.
i had mixdown problems seems now gone, vst3 spikes, only with certain plugins, especially on send tracks. now gone, didn’t test everything yet.

This is really a rather pointless thread. Not again.