Cubase does not find the library

Hello! I bought Cubase 10 Elements. After installing it, when I began to open it, Cubase reported that it did not find 5 libraries. I didn’t find them either. In the installation package they were not. These are the libraries: 1) EDM Toolbox, 2) HALion Sonic SE Pro Instruments Factory Presets 01, 3) HALion Sonic SE S90 Factory Presets, 4) HALion Sonic SE 5 Seasons Factory Presets, 5) HALion Sonic SE VST Expression Factory Presets. How do I get these libraries?


Hi and welcome,

  1. Make sure you downloaded Full Installer.

  2. Unpack the ZIP file and install from the unpacked folder, please.

  3. Install as administrator.

I hope this will help.