Cubase does not install/cannot detect any files

I am trying to install Cubase AI on my Windows 10 laptop, but while it uses time to download all 15 gigabytes of files, and the computer acts as though the files are all in there, I still cannot detect the files. Also, when the download assistant is finished downloading I get no message that the program is downloaded, question about whether it should make any shortcuts etc.

I have registered the licence both on the computer and on Steinberg, and I have a Steinberg UR22 connected to the computer. It is supposed to put all the files in program files/Steinberg/win64/Cubase AI 10.0.5 Full. But when I check for files there are no visible files in the directory whatsoever. Also when I perform a search for cubase on my computer I get no results.

Anyone else had this problem?

Until I got this topic approve I also found the solution. I ran Cubase Download Assistant as an admin. Apparently other people have also had to do this to make things work.

As other people may also google this, I guess this topic may still remain here for them to find. :slight_smile: