Cubase does not open anymore

Hello, I have not used cubase in a month or so and when I started the program I had a message pop up saying the soft-eLicenser stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue. I purchased a dongle a few months ago but installation was fine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Try downloading the newest eLicenser software and run the maintenance routine after you open it.

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this did not work but thanks for the reply. When I open Cubase I get a box that says “no valid license found. The program will quit now”. It gives me the option to click ok or start license activation. I bought the dongle because I purchased groove agent and I knew I would need it to upgrade to Cubase pro when the yearly sale came up.

I also have wavelab elements that has the same message come up. I really hope this is something simple

What Cubase version do you have?

What computer OS?

Does the Cubase license show on the eLicenser or is it still on the soft eLicenser?

Is the eLicenser program set to run as administrator?

Look at these troubleshooting ideas…

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I’m running windows 10. Only groove agent 4 shows up on my e-license. However, if I log into my Steinberg account I see Wavelab Elements 9.5, Cubase Elements 9.5, Basic FX Suite Rev.2,Cubase Al 9 all with soft e-licenses. Should I try reactivating these or maybe doing a system restore back to when I knew it was working? I just don’t want to lose any of my projects.
Running e-license control center as administrator did not work.

I have version 1803 that installed on June 11th. I’m guessing that is the problem. Tried all the fixes in the sticky thread but none of them seem to work.

Try these suggestions first. Looks like you needs to run the eLicenser and Cubase as Admin.

If the license still does not show up in the eLicense program then yes… I would follow the instructions for reactivation.

Try these things before reverting back to an older windows. I believe it should run without issue.

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Steinberg support sent new activation codes. Up and running again. Even upgraded to pro last night. Thanks for all the help with your suggestions and comments

why dont they solve it for me this way ?? 3 months on n no solution ??

Did you open a support ticket with Steinberg?

yes , finally a support ticket , its still open … hope it get resolved… thankx…ws