Cubase does not open

Please help!! I just bought the UR 22 mk II. After installing the drivers, I downloaded Cubase 9.5 and Cubase AI 9.5 but I cannot open any of them. I didn’t connect the unit except from the beginning to install the drivers. What is the problem? May be my computer (Intel Core i3-2350M CPU@2.30, GHz RAM 4 GB, 64-bit operating system) or have I done something wrong? When I double click the icon seems to try to open it but then nothing. Thanks in advance.


If your USB-eLicenser is plugged in (so it’s not a license issue) and if you own NVIDIA graphic card, read the relevant NVIDIA article on Steinberg > Support web page, please.

You should install Direct2D patch from Microsoft (Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64 ).