Cubase does not record an AUTOMATION into MIXDOWN!

Hi there, guys! Hope you’re doing well.
I got an issue with my Cubase Artist 9.0.40. The issue is: I have some automation in my mix, not so much, and after I finnished my mix I did a mixdown, but all the automation did not recorded into my mixdown track. But inside my project window it’s still playing back well. Any idea how solve this issue?
Hope to recieve some help, pals. Thnx in advance.

My PC spec-s:
Windows 10/x64
CPU - i7 2.00GHz
RAM - 8Gb
GUI - 2gb

Hi and welcome,

Make sure Read Automation is enabled, while Export Audio Mixdown (not Write). Make sure, the automation is not muted.

Hi there, Martin. I checked as you said, but there is no problems with that. All buttons are active, and no mute commands.
Btw, I tried to mixdown a little piece of a mix, but it’s still doesn’t record my automation. I have no idea what’s going on, sir.


Please make sure that not “all”, but proper buttons are enabled. For example automation Write should be dialed.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please? So you export in Real Time or Offline?

Could you provide some screenshots while export? Maybe we will see something.

Yay! Martin, your advice did a good job.
“Realtime export” is working. But could you explane how does it worked? And how to do in future sessions?
Thank you so much! You helped me a lot!



I’m sorry, I don’t know. :slight_smile: Do you use External Effect? Or does any of the plug-in need to behave as an external and need to use Real Time?

Hmm, nope it’s not an external hardware. That’s weird, 'cause I use IZotope vintage vinyl plugin as a send effect. And my automation controls only few parameters such as : bypass button etc.


Is it the same, if you bypass (or remove) iZotope Vintage Vinyl plug-in?

Why should I do bypass manually?
I use iZotope Vintage Vinyl plug-in as a send effect, but mix dry and wet signals not by “mix slider” that bellow “sends”, I did a prefade and mix the signals by channel’s fader. Maybe the issue caused by this routing?

This routing shouldn’t be an issue.

I was thinking to bypass the plug-in and leave just another automation in the project to make sure, the presence of the plug-in affects (or not) the result.

Hi, Martin.
I have the other plugin’s automation. I have Fabfilter’s Q2, and this plugin’s shelf eq also automated. But this effect is working well, I heard that in mixdown, the problem only in iZotope Vintage Vinyl plugin.

Then it might be the plug-in issue.

Anyway thank you so much, you already helped me, sir. See ya. "-)