CUBASE * does not Record

This Cubase does not Record! I am using M-Audio “M-Track 2x2” .
Cubase says in/out un-mapped upon startup,
So I Map them to the only displayed choice …“Realtec…
I select " piano + Vocal” from the menu
Yes I push the little red Record Button on the Inspector/transport Panel
still no sucess.
I have been able to load a 'Drum set from The VST and play it back, this works.
Record Audio DOES Not Work!

Any body got any Ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Do you record audio or MIDI data? Can you describe, what are you doing?

If you select Realtec as an Audio Port, then M-Audio is not selected, as an Audio Device.

Open Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio Setup, and set your M-Audio from the ASIO Driver list. Then open Devices > VST Connections > Inputs, and add a busses you want to use (Mono or Stereo).

as another new user, I would suggest that you forget about the VST and the menu templates - just make a new project and concentrate on the audio settings and the track settings etc etc.

I would be quite suprised if you can’t get it going.

Good luck!