Cubase does not registrate the recorded track

I try to record a instrument track with groove agent or halion. while recording the projectcreen shows the recording, the track that is made, but without content. As soon as I stop the recording the recorded track is gone! What goes wrong here? Audio is recorded as normal.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This happens if the track doesn’t receive any MIDI data.

The track… You mean the MIDI part created during the recording ?

If it vanishes as soon as you stop, there is probably an issue with the port used : check that the MIDI device used to record the MIDI events is actually usable by Cubase in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI port setup panel and also available and selected in the inspector Input Routing drop list of the instrument track involved.

Thank you Martin. Now I understand what is going on!

Thank you cubic13. I know now in which direction I must go for vinden the cause. Hope I will find it.