Cubase does not take Window focus after drag and drop

I am in Windows10. Whenever I drag and drop a file into Cubase the file appears in place. Sometimes the file has landed on a layer I did not intend, so I hit “ctrl-Z” (to UNDO the drag and drop). Instead of undoing the drag-and-drop in Cubase, the focus remains on the Windows File Explorer window, so Windows Explorer will UNDO it’s most recent event (which is generally files I copied 10 minutes ago - which get unpasted)

When I drag files into Cubase, the user assumes the focus is in Cubase, and any keyboard commands should be directed at Cubase (not the previous window I was using).

I’m not sure if Steinberg has control over focus, but I have lost files because of accidentally undoing file operations when I thought I was undoing a drag-and-drop in Cubase.


I would say, this is question of system (Windows).