Cubase Doesn't Close Properly

Hello, I’ve had this issue with Cubase 10.5 elements and now in Cubase 11 Artist where when I’m finished with the program I can’t get it to quit properly. (I click the X in the top right)

I always have to go through the task manager to cancel the task because it is unresponsive. Then if I want to re-open it again it doesn’t recognize my audio interface and I have to do a full system restart for it to recognize it again.

Anyone have a similar issue or solution?

This sounds like an audio interface driver bug.
Which audio interface is it? Which driver version?

Also, Cubase, having its roots on macOS, is interesting, in that when you “close” the project, you don’t actually “close” the program – a menu bar stays around at the top of the screen, and you have to “close” that one, too, before the program is fully dead. But it sounds like you’re already doing this, and the sound device hangs as part of this process, which would indeed mean buggy drivers.

Cubase roots are Atari and it’s been on pc since the 90s. What I would check is if there is a plugin you use stopping it closing. If you startup and create an audio track with no plugins does it still not close? What about starting in safe mode and seeing if it shuts properly. Last shot would be to default preferences. Then there is the audio driver but I haven’t seen it do this because of an audio driver but that doesn’t rule it out.

I had exactly the same thing when using the Roland FA-06 synthesizer as an AUDIO interface. The problems ended when I connected the Steinberg UR12 or UR24C interface that I currently have. Some time ago Windows made some changes to the external drivers and since then I have had trouble getting the Roland drivers up and running. On the audio interfaces I mentioned, the problem is gone.

I used to get that a lot. Although its not officially recommended I started ruining CB in Admin mode. That got rid of the problem.
To me its the POS thats the problem. It just wont close on its own unless i run as admin.

Saying that, on my other install I’m not running as admin and have never had it.

I also had this problem for a long time. Since Cubase 7 i think. But the CB in Admin mode didn’t solve it for me unfortunately. It must be a bug. My soundcard is RME Hdsp AIO and they supposed to have one of the the best drivers around as far as i understand.

I use an rme Babyface pro and don’t suffer the problem.

That’s exactly why i don’t think this is a soundcard issue, it must be a bug.