Cubase doesn't fit the screen

Hey. I’ve just recently installed Cubase Artist 7 however, when I open the program, the bottom of the Steinberg Hub window is cut off from the screen so I can’t see the buttons. Likewise, the same occurs on many pop-up windows meaning i am unable to click ‘OK’ to apply changes which I make. Most importantly, I am unable to export anything as the same issue occurs on the export window. As the bottom of the window is cut off, I am unable to press ‘Export’ and complete my project.

Is there a way to shrink the dialog boxes/windows so that everything in it can be seen?


What size is your screen & what resolution do you have it set at?

Around 14.5 inches and 1680 x 1050 resolution.

Sorted it. I had the display settings on LARGE which meant the window was cut off, so I set it to MEDIUM and now the problem is fixed.

What were the steps to change the settings from LARGE to MEDIUM? I’m having the same problem. Thanks

GO TO CONTROL PANEL > click DISPLAY > select text size > click APPLY >
ya probably have to restart computer to see the changes…

Can you tell which display settings. Windows or cubebase. I’m having same issue