Cubase doesn't open at all


I ve changed hard drive on the same pc. Kept the other drive where I had cubase installed. Used the same USB license.
Thus, in the new drive it doesn t work. Updated USB license. Still doesn t work.

Any suggestions?

My issue is that I had installed Cubase 10.5 Pro on my Hard drive. Then I switched to an SSD drive on the same computer and now cubase doesn t work on ssd even though I have the USB LCC.
I ve put the Hard drive again and Cubase was working. So, can you please suggest me how to solve the problem?

Does it need the soft e licenser or is it good by the USB one?
Do I need to download the elicenser helper?


Can you tell us exactly what occurs when you try to run Cubase, step by step. What happens just like you’d expect and then what happens that doesn’t seem right - any error messages, OS version, Cubase version,etc.

“Doesn’t work” can mean lots of different things. You have to give enough details before anyone can offer suggestions.

Also as long as you have the usb license, you are fine on that front - your license is not at risk.